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For art today I worked on a paragraph about charcoal, which they fill your body with when you o.d.  Then I went to sfmoma, looking for things that would help me understand something about the book I’m trying to write.  At the museum I thought Barbara Kruger’s “No Radio” had to do with it, this section in a hospital.  In my book there is often a radio on the bedside table, up until the hospital.  But the best thing that happened was I watched a whole video installation, totally enthralled the whole time, like even more than at Machete last week: this piece by Mika Rottenberg about labor and women’s bodies called “Squeeze”.  I finally figured out (in a pretty nonverbal way) a couple very simple things about looping narrative, so I’m trying think about that in relation to the way conversations go with a manic person, like and unlike how conversations go with a person with a damaged memory.

PS (If I can reduce the size of the little recording I made of the soundtrack I’ll post it sometime.  The part of the video I walked into first showed a woman collecting white sap from trees, and the thing that made it seem composed, that immediately made me know this was not a pbs-style documentary, was the way the soundtrack was very subtly heightened, just a little bit produced-sounding.  Only then did I notice the very formal composition of the video.)

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