sound and sense

Keep noticing how when I listen to music I really never catch words unless I already listened a dozen times b/c I like the sound.  Has led me to love a lot of songs with words I don’t like or actually embarass me.  I finally notice that that is how my reading habits translate to listening, it’s just that I read a lot more than I listen.  It’s practically impossible for me to take in a piece of literature unless it affects me sonically first, and it has to keep me mesmerized for long enough for me to “see through” to what the hell the extractable content might be, b/c mostly I am only in it for the experience, and only slices of that experience are me backing out with an analysis.  I do identify with students who feel like this action ruins a text.  I think it ruins most texts.  It’s quite a text that can hold its own thru that many kinds of attention.  It’s a lot easier to be pleased if you let aspects slide, and I often do.  Even still it is hard to find pleasure.


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