cause effect

another problem with cause-effect is that it cuts out madness from the landscape of the real– i.e. the things that have consequence in the real world.  which is paradoxical, I know but so what.  like you can keep saying “for ____ to happen _____ has to know _____” in the story– and that is some storylines, but other storylines just as true are about people doing things and they can never know why except it made sense at the time– or sense was beside the point at the time– and the causes were beyond their conscious experiences.  they were the effects of the vast unknowable.  I used to think a lot about shaping a story as understanding how to leave out everything that wasn’t relevant– but the more I write the more off-center and inclusive the relevant seems to be– and the more the directly-relevant feels false.  so the story can suggest those thin links– the filaments of this other realm of causes that is the part of everyone that is “mad” in the sense of not connected to the dominant reality– the parts of us that are cordoned off and incommunicable– variously benignly and painfully destructively–

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