June 16:  quarter completed; returned from family visit

17:  7:30-11:30

18: 7:30-12

19: 7:30-10:30; go to therapy.  Pace is about 15pgs of revision/ day.

20:  7:30-11:30; laundry; 12:30-2:3o; read; 4-5:30 finished a short-short; go to yoga

21: 7-10:30; eat leftovers; clean kitchen; 11:15-1; break for Thomas to hang painting; 2pm-pushed it to 4, mostly futzy but still some action.  little spastic actions.

22: damn, feeling sick.  8:30-9:30 polished up that short I wrote and sent it out.  damn, do not want to be sick.  Little here and there thru day.  Maybe another hour fooling.

23: sick.  worked on the terrifying dead baby section til noon.  headache, weird throat, weird squirmy feelings probably need to stretch.  probably dehydrated.

24:  office day in Davis.  sick.  read at city lights anyhow.

25: sick.  brain dum.  spent day doing administrative davis stuff.

26: office day in Davis.  can I make it back in time for Josh’s launch?  Yes!

27: Feel beat up.  Sad.  Job hangover.  Still did some emails, but was able to hold back a little.  Morning:  laundry, dishes, spinny aftershocks.  Afternoon: housework.  Repotted a couple of plants.  Still no exercise but I stretched a little with tv attached to my face.

28:  Still feel wonky but got to desk 7:40.  Checked email once like an idiot but did not get sucked in.  this chapter is hard and I’m not sharp.  Also the kind of coffee in the house right now is pretty crappy.  worked til 11:30 but not super focussed and stopped for headache.

29:  not sick.  very sunny out!  skipping pride. 8-10ish read.  learned in auterlitz that a fag is a manservant.  I’m such a slow reader.  11-2:30 worked on scary chapter.  next:  talk to dad, walk dogs, go help gf at store.


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2 Responses to timeclock

  1. lito says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. Reading this helps me recognize that better people than me struggle with this stuff. For me right now, 4 minutes of work is tough, so your 4 hours feels impossible but something to work toward. Thank you!

  2. lucy says:

    thank you, truly– time working is a thing to work up to– stamina builds and wanes– but it’s so build-able and so rewarding to build. I try not to make the desk a bad place to be– i.e. I don’t push it too hard. if I get squirmy I do something ‘at an angle’ — like read or make a chart or picture or something to do with the writing that is not the writing– until the writing itself is sweet to do again.

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