I think my policy of not writing people’s interview pieces for them is working.  People write out their questions and send them and say something like “answer as many or as few as you want!” and I get super crabby inside– I feel like I’m supposed to be grateful for the attention/publicity (and fighting that internal fight about actual vs empty gratitude) and that the person, nice as they might be (omg why do we always need this caveat?  it must not always have been so!) is not doing the work of an interview– that they might or might not be getting paid to do — i.e. either passing the work onto me/subject or not noticing they are not getting paid for their own work and that b/c no one is getting paid (or paid attention to, really, either) the work is just getting sloppier and sloppier, no one talking to each other–  SO I decided to decline writing answers to interview questions and to make myself not be an asshole about it either by actually asking for what I would like–  just say I’d be glad to do a phone or Skype conversation and you know what?  Response has been really cool.  It seems to have a lot to do with the fear of bugging people– the fear of asking someone to actually talk with you– and from subject end maybe also the reasonable fear of letting someone else make decisions about your words– all of which is the beauty and terror of conversation, right?  Anyhow I am liking my policy.  I am scared as hell about several things right now related to my goodness and smartness but I am feeling okay about that.

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