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* I will post something about Magic and the Intellect.  It got a lot of attention, which I did not expect, but I think I am grateful for it, even though it wears me out when I know people are looking at me or thinking things about me.  Not so difficult when people are thinking about my writing.  But when people are thinking about me, that’s hard.  I find the reality of that overlap difficult to manage.

*I am jetlagged.  I am sure that I am allowed to let work emails go for a day or so here and there but I see the emails disappearing in a trail beyond distant mountains and get scared.

*I will post something or some things about the series of bloglike stuff I did for the class I was teaching this quarter which ended up taking the place of the stuff I write in this space.  The things were blog/lecture hybrids and I don’t know that I want them public.  But that’s what I was doing.

*I am jetlagged, fuzzy brained and sloppy, heavy.  I judged a chapbook contest through the night.  There’s a lot of snazzy affect out there, and only here and there is the affect a layer of anything.  It can take a while to recognize what is and is not a shell.

* I have to get serious about learning the skill of applying for stuff, which includes sucking it up and asking the right people to write letters for me.  Who would those people be?  don’t know yet.  Gotta get over whatever it is.  Applying is part of the life I have chosen.

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