was gonna write about these things but too running around:

listening to JCO story “Mastiff” and liked Erdrich’s explication; interested in the deliberate methodical storytelling; a particular stylistic method of creating tension via obsessive discursive observation.

about the DeYoung’s Hockney exhibit– how bored I was except for the room of 4 season videos, being there with artist-aquaintence — we both wanted to make better friends but maybe b/c she had a cold or maybe the art feeling so disappointing or one affecting the other– ended up feeling awkward and uninspired.  what am I missing.  later a colleague-friend was talking about how much he enjoyed it.  The hand palpable thru the tech.  Experiencing different kinds of time thru the exhibit which got him so happily excited.  I remembered “the hand.”  I remembered the time.  why couldn’t I feel excited?

if I wrote more here it would be about what the “hand” is in writing.  It’s not the voice, or not most specifically the voice.

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