why I hate it– not when I am experiencing it– that’s so nice– I hate it when other people say they have it but especially when they say they want it I hate it like people hate first world problems– i.e. with irony when I hate it knowing its part of me.

I hate it when people say they were inspired by so and so’s inspiring writing speech etc.  b/c it valorizes writing in a way that I think is self-congratulatory and self-serving.  I also hate when people say they are trying to get inspired, I probably flashback to childhood “oh so you’re bored? clean your room.”  You should not clean your room you should go do something for someone else.  That’ll inspire your ass.  Breathe it up your etc.

I do it all the time I go out and hunt for stuff to help me make things, my things, that I made.  hunt eat breathe.


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