for art

what I did for art lately besides strategize and strategize at work for ways to keep integrity in grad programs for writers…

Finished Kathryn Dunn’s Duplex.  This book, this writer’s books, do that thing I don’t know how to let happen in my own work– where you let it be without making it mean.  There are lines here and they that acknowledge that exact urge and choice.  I think I always just bend one direction when this book bends the other.  Challenges me.  A book I throw down and then pick back up.  Glad I spent the time with it.  Have its sheen all over me now.

Also read graphic novel Asterios Polyp.  I think it’s hilarious that big-name-reviews call it things like “difficult” and “maddening.”  It’s easy breezy.  It has a lot of charm.  It’s sometimes aesthetics for dummies but who doesn’t want a little clean digestion of aesthetics now and then?  I had a sweet sweet time reading it.  Especially the lost-love montage that includes the love looking cute in at the beach, the love having the flu, the love making art, the love on the toilet…

Also reading Katie Peterson poems Account.  I have finally found a coffee shop that plays– at least this one time– atmospheric music that actually stays in the background so I can kind of read in there without earplugs.  It’s SO nice.  I hope it wasn’t just that one time.  If I sit there reading poems for an hour while a friend is at AA down the street it’s very very nice.


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