sky mall

Read in sky mall:  you are purchasing a generic fingerprint.
On this airplane, I’ve been imagining trying to do readings and interviews and web thingies about the swank hotel, based on what it’s been like with the apocs, and imagining how unsuited the novel is to the format of current publicity– at least the kind available at my ‘level’.  I care about the apocs in a way that perfectly suits playful events etc but it may be that I care about swank on a whole other level.  I want to protect it and myself and I think if it affects people it will be in a way that is very different.  I wonder if any publisher wld know what to do with that.  I can already see limply respectful declines– we wouldn’t know what to do with this book.  I don’t know what to do with it.  Maybe it’s just not done is all and it will make sense as a book when it is.  Kinda doubt it though.  May be a book that never really has a home.  Every time I read Virginia Woolf trying to explain what she’s doing I feel kinship but who the hell am I to feel kinship with what Virginia Woolf said she tried to do?  Ugh.
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