I am deep in there, in the book.  I still don’t really know what the title really means.  I’ve got one more chapter to find out.  It’s a fat draft, about 82k words.  Fat for me.  I have been working for so long on it that I really hope it earns those words.  It is digressive– I am definitely pushing it with digression– but I cut it back a lot this time through– I’m pretty sure there were 30-50 pages I cut along the way– may have replace some of it, anyhow… and I have asked the person I want to read the draft if she will read it and she will.  I don’t want to rush it.  But it’s like reading the end of a great novel you love, writing the end.  If I go too fast I’ll ruin it.  But I want to go fast.  What else to report?  Nothing.  All I want to do is watch tv so I can go to bed so I can get up and have my brain back.  What else.  Oh I finished a book and had fun reading it!  Been a long time, feels like.  Threw the one before it across the room when it killed a dog as it’s first plot move in 80 pages.  Anyhow Dances With Snakes– Horacio Castellanos Moya– it’s like reading Machete — and all about how it lands in the end– and a whole portrait of a society as you rampage.  Was thinking “where are children in my book and in what form” and in Dances if I remember correctly there are NO children in ANY form.

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