thinking about low-end reality tv stakes– how feeling “awkward” is the worst thing that you can have happen to you and you will do anything to avoid feeling it yet the whole experience of watching is to negotiate the feeling of awkwardness for myself and those people-things I’m watching. now with the role of satire in national politics, for example spicer in the bushes — I am struggling to think through what kind of effect immersing oneself (ick) in the contortions of humiliation has on discourse. how many forms in which it is invoked. liberals’ concern for how we ‘look’ to other countries, etc. how much of the histories of oppressions manifest socially by humiliating people.

anyhow, I would like to write a story about awkwardness.

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cup of tea

like what is everyone’s?

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free speculative

Fiction: everyone must vote. You can vote “none of the above” but mandatory voting. Go.

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more wisdom from the bachelor

How the worst possible thing that can happen in that parable-land of american culture is: awkward. How things feeling awkward = abort abort abort. How much effort into reducing possible awkward. How horribly this maps onto our real life culture problems. In education, in internet culture, in divided, isolated communities.

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two bullet points

  • I really wish that every non-right-wing or bible newspaper would have a regular column reporting the reporting that so much of the country receives as news.
  • I am really worried b/c I have a piece coming out in Harpers derived from things people sent to me anonymously for the project (tried to be super careful about it) and now that I sent them news that it’s coming out I haven’t heard a peep from them. I realize that I hoped it would mean a lot to people but maybe it doesn’t if your name’s not on it? I worry especially about the students who participated. The piece means a lot to me, the process meant a lot to me. Maybe they are all so busy making national news protesting the astonishing asshole campus guests that this is just not on their radar. That would be okay I guess. Winky emoticon.
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just wondering if the way that pop-country-white-man singers seem to win “the voice” all the time tells us anything about the current electorate.

keep thinking of other things to write besides my book.


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post election apoc

It took me this long to deactivate facebook. that is all I am saying about my own small idiocy right now.

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some tweets I wrote for apocalypse paperback release:
I had the sense I’d live forever so I married her believing there’d be time once she was gone.
We all agreed to the terms of service
She stuffed the fluffiest item into the case and took it with her.
Weather dot com helped them plan a trip outside.
She had her babe in one arm and her ground beef in the other.
Ultra filtered milk from cows not treated with rBSTt has 50% more this and 30% more that.
Pushing the airplane volume down eventually blackened the video. But there were hundreds more!
In this apocalypse, all the cars on the road out of town were delivering for amazon.
If you had to choose btwn animals and people what would you choose? Me too. People. #evilmoviequote
He remembered the internet.

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working on my book. have yet to figure out how to work on book while paying attention to my job. it’s so all or nothing. plus not very well. posting in the interest of making a record of making a book.

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look! I’m part of architecture. Too bad I can’t get it to upload not blurry.  14233239_10154533211009846_260159621652810527_n

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